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Library Search Guide: Basic Search



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Basic Search

Search for books, articles, and more.


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How to Search

To do a basic search, just type one or more words and click the Search button.

The default is set to include articles, books, and other items at the U of M Libraries. You may also choose to perform an Advanced Search, search specific Databases, search Google Scholar, find Subject Guides, or view Course Reserves.

Start your search from the library homepage.

Or from within the search:

Search Results

Search results display all the items that match your search query (in this case, "hockey night in canada"). 



The following information displays for each item on your results page:

  • Content/Material Type: the format of the item, such as book, article, journal, and so forth.

  • Title and author: click the title to view additional information about the item.

  • Author, publisher, and date: the item’s author, publisher, and publication date

  • Location: where the item can be accessed. For physical items, the library name and call number will be provided for the item. For electronic items, click the Full text available link to read the item.

  • Pin icon: click the pin icon () next to the title to add or remove the item from your favorites, which will show up in the My Favorites list.

See All Versions

The See all versions link on the results page groups together items that are similar, for example, all editions of the same book. This is important if you would like to see if there is an older or newer edition of the same book.

The See all versions link is located directly below the name of the material, as shown in the below image. See all versions will also state the number of versions from the University of Manitoba Libraries. Please note that the number of versions stated does not mean the number of available copies.

See all versions to see all three versions of the title, "Foundations of Parasitology".

Below is the image with the three versions of the title. Pay attention to the publication dates, which indicate these three results are different editions. Click on the Available at hyperlink to show all the libraries that hold a specific item and the item's call number.