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Medical Physics

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Handbooks

Using encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks--a.k.a. reference sources--can give you a handle on a topic you're unfamiliar with. Use encyclopedias for short excerpts on specific topics, dictionaries to find definitions for words or phrases, and handbooks to provide information on a topic or provide instruction and tutorials.

  • Encyclopedia of radiation oncology Full Text online at UML The Encyclopedia of Radiation Oncology represents basic statements relative to general oncology, radiation physics, radiation biology and clinical therapies. It is intended to serve as an informational document with cross references and references built on the style and construction of an encyclopedia. It is not a definitive text book in oncology but the groundwork for initial knowledge on a wide variety of topics that involve oncology, especially those related to modern radiotherapy.
  • Encyclopedia of diagnostic imaging Full Text online at UML The encyclopedia should be used as a quick reference book. It can be recommended to medical specialists outside the discipline of radiology, to scientists involved in clinical medical research, but also to general radiologists, radiologists in training, students in medicine, radiographers and interested laypeople, particularly persons from industry and business dealing with medical imaging.
  • Encyclopedia of magnetic resonance NMR and MRI have developed into two very different research and application areas with their own dynamic development. eMagRes (previously published as the Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance) captures every aspect of the interdisciplinary nature of magnetic resonance.
  • Scattering: Scattering and inverse scattering in pure and applied science Full Text online at UML This is the first encyclopedic-range work on the topic of scattering theory in quantum mechanics, elastodynamics, acoustics, and electromagnetics. It serves as a omprehensive interdisciplinary presentation of scattering and inverse scattering theory and applications in a wide range of scientific fields, with an emphasis, and details, up-to-date developments.
  • Encyclopedia of mathematical physics Full Text online at UML The Encyclopedia is intended primarily for experienced researchers but should be of use also to beginning graduate students. For the latter category of readers, we have included eight elementary introductory articles for easy reference, with those on mathematics aimed at physics graduates and those on physics aimed at mathematics graduates, so that these articles can serve as their first port of call to enable them to embark on any of the main articles without the need to consult other material beforehand.
  • Encyclopedia of spectroscopy and spectrometry Full Text online at UML The encyclopedia is aimed at a professional scientific readership, and we hope that the articles are useful both for experts within a given field, and that they will also provide an entry point for an interested person to find out more about a subject in which they are not perhaps so expert.
  • Encyclopedia of scientific principles, laws, and theories Provides descriptions of the most famous scientific concepts, principles, laws, and theories that are known in the areas of astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, medicine, meteorology, and physics.