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Political Studies: The Economist (Weekly)

Locating The Economist

There are two databases that index the Economist in the UML electronic resources:  CPI.Q (Canadian Periodical Index) and ProQuest ABI Inform.  You can quickly search using the respective Search box.  If you want to keep abreast of what is being covered in the weekly Economist, you can set an e-mail alert based on the topic or region that is interest to you.

Links to the databases:

Browse the latest issues:

  • Search Publications
  • Enter "The Economist" in the search box
  • Select "The Economist (Periodical)"
  • Browse the results
Search by topic or region:
  • Start with Advanced Search
  • Enter the work representing a region, (e.g., Asia)
  • Enter "The Economist" and select Publication Title from the long list of pull-down menu
  • You can add more keyword(s) to narrow down your focus or leave it blank
  • Search
CPI.Q Advanced Search Display
  • Sort by Newest
  • Browse and select and save
  • Select the Menu (with the text "More")
Saving in Your Folder
  • You will see above options opened up for accessing My Folder and other tools.

Setting up E-mail alerts:

  • Click "Create Search Alert" button at the bottom of the right-hand column on the search results page
  • Fill out the form and submit


  • Start with ProQuest's The Economist Page
  • In Search Box, type in your region of interest and search
Displaying ProQuest's The Economist Web Site.
  • Go up to the right-top corner of the screen to set up your account (Register)
Displaying the location of where you can register and set up your personal account.
  • While you are displaying the results you searched, you can save the search you just conducted. Once saved, you can set a weekly e-mail alert
  • Be sure to fill out/select the options that work for you.