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Dental Hygiene: Professional

Toolkit for Dental Hygiene

Finding Articles without Library Access

PubMed is a free citation database available to all. Because it's a citation database, you often need a library subscription to access the full-text of the articles. However, there are some articles that anyone can access the full-text.

To Search PubMed:

1. Go to PubMed:

2. Search PubMed (HINT: If searching for articles on Dental Hygiene, try using "Oral Hygiene"[Mesh] in the search. For example, if your topic is on Dental Hygiene and patients with Arthritis, try searching ("Oral Hygiene"[Mesh] AND arthritis)

3. Under 'My NCBI Filters' on the left-hand side, look for 'Text Availability"

4. Under 'Text Availability', select the checkbox next to 'Free Full Text' - this will limit the results to the articles that are only available for free.

These articles will be freely available, and you can access the full-text of these articles. To access the full-text:

5. Click on the title of the article.

6. Look for the 'Full Text Links' on the right-hand side of the page. Select one publisher link. Tip: If there is a PMC link, that link will give you the fastest access.

Help Searching PubMed


Dental Hygiene Exams

For Dentistry exams, see the Dentistry Toolkit Professional Tab.