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E-Books at the University of Manitoba Libraries: ProQuest Ebook Central

Connect to ProQuest Ebook Central

What is ProQuest Ebook Central?

Proquest Ebook Central contains e-book titles that can be read online using your desktop computer web browser, or by downloading them to your PC, Mac, laptop, e-reader device (most, except for the Kindle), tablet, Android device, iPhone, iPad, or iPod!

You can browse or search the entire collection, and preview as many books as you'd like. You can read it online or download it for offline viewing on your PC, or on your mobile device.

Reading Proquest Ebooks Online

Using the Ebook Central Bookshelf

What's the difference between ePub and PDF formats?

EPub is a file format that automatically resizes to fit your screen. This format allows you to adjust your font size and is recommended for downloading, especially when using eReaders or mobile devices. 

PDFs are not re-flowable so their text size cannot be adjusted to suit different screen sizes.



Can I download the entire ebook to my computer?

Yes, you can download the entire ebook to your computer but only for the loan period allowed (i.e. 3 days).  About 10 percent of an individual ebook can be downloaded and permanently saved. The exact number of pages that are allowed to be downloaded is listed when you click on the book icon (See #1 on the image below).

Do I have to download the ebook to read it?

No, you can read the textbook online on a computer or tablet.  It is not necessary to download it.  To read  these ebooks on a mobile phone it is recommended that you download the book (requires the Bluefire Reader app).  (See #2 on the image below).

Can I highlight and add notes to the ebook?

Yes, you can highlight and add notes (requires you to sign in). (See #3 on the image below).

How can I easily access this ebook again?

While you are looking at the ebook, you can sign into your Ebook Central account and then click on the add to bookshelf icon to add the book to your bookshelf. (See #4 on the image below).

How can I adjust the size of the print while viewing online?

Click on the + or – signs as well as adjust the view to fit the width or the page.  (See #5 on the image below).

You can also close out the table of contents menu by clicking on the X on the top right hand side of the table of contents. (See #6 on the image below).

Ebook Central navigation icons