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Research Grants & Endowments: Videos and Transcripts


Editors' Notes

The first two papers in this collection by Dr. Serhii Holovaty and Chrystia Freeland, as well as the one delivered by Dr. Orest Subtelny, are the abridged transcripts of the lectures taken from the video recordings. Other papers are original articles submitted by the lecturers upon their presentations. Therefore, some discrepancy in terminology is observed, i.e., Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak refers to the highest legislative body in Ukraine as "Supreme Rada", while both Serhii Holovaty and Orest Subtelny identify it as "Verkhovna Rada." In order to preserve the authors' original style we have maintained their terminology.

A modified Library of Congress system is used in the present Collection for transliteration of the proper and geographical names from Russian and Ukrainian into English, which omits designating the soft sign with a comma, but still indicates the hard sign as ". However, the names of the well-known personages are represented in their most recognizable spelling.