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Dataverse: Guide for Researchers: More Info and FAQs



     UM DATAVERSE GUIDE: Frequently Asked Questions

Repository Services

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Q: What is the difference between Dataverse and MSpace?

A: Both Dataverse and MSpace are digital repositories. While MSpace is designated for holding dissertations and other text files, Dataverse is primarily intended for file formats such as datasets. A graduate student may have the text of their thesis uploaded to MSpace, while the data used in their research could be uploaded to Dataverse.

Q: Can researchers use Dataverse if some of the members of their research team are not affiliated with the UofM?

A: Yes. One researcher must be a faculty member at the UofM, and they will have an Admin role. In situations such as these, it is important for researchers to ensure that they abide by the UofM Dataverse Terms of Use, and any Research Ethics Board agreements made with their institutions.

Q: What are some other data repository options?

A: The number of data repositories is increasing, and you might want to explore others and decide which will work best for your research project. To find other options, see The World of Repositories: Data.

Accounts and Roles

Q: Can one Dataverse have multiple users with the Admin role?

A: Yes. However, it is important to be aware of all permissions that come with the Admin role. You can review these permissions on the Roles and Permissions page.

Q: Does each person have to have their own account in Dataverse, or can the login information for one account be shared among a group?

A: Each person must have their own account. Each account is tied to an email address, and making sure that users maintain individual accounts promotes better privacy practices.


Q: What should I put in the Keyword Term and Vocabulary field in Citation Metadata?

A: You can use terms from a relevant standardized vocabulary (eg MeSH, LCSH). Your librarian can advise you as to the best choice of standard vocabulary for your subject area.

File Formats, Size and Retention

Q: What type and sizes of files can be stored in Dataverse, and how long will they be retained?

A: Dataverse can hold any file type, but total storage space must not exceed 5 GB. The normal retention period, if not otherwise specified by the Research Ethics Board approval, will be 7 years.

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