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Government Publications: Overview

A guide to publications from municipal, provincial, federal, national, and international government agencies.

Introduction to Government Publications

The Government Publications section is located on the Main floor of the Elizabeth Dafoe Library. It is open for use during the regular hours of the Library. Reference assistance is available at the Elizabeth Dafoe Library Service Desk. The phone number is 474-9844.

Elizabeth Dafoe Library holds publications from the Governments of Canada, Manitoba and the European Union. We also obtain documents from other provinces and international governmental organizations including the United Nations, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, World Bank, and International Labour Office. The collection includes items from other countries as well, with emphasis placed on American and British government publications. Government documents deal with all subjects and our collection contains items from the 19th century as well as the 20th and 21st.  Many important government documents are now published online.  Ask at the Reference Desk for help in accessing them, or send an email to the Government Publications librarian.

Most of the collection is catalogued and can be found through the UML One Stop Search. The call numbers for these items begin with "GovDocs". Part of the collection has not yet been catalogued, but can be searched through a card catalogue found in the area. Arrangement of these cards is by country or organization, then by department or division, and finally by title. The shelves for the uncatalogued items follow the same format as the card catalogue.

Most government publications can be borrowed, through the Service Desk counter on the main floor of Elizabeth Dafoe Library. They are also returned in the same manner as other items from the library. There are major groups of items that do not circulate.

Various government publications' collections are located in other University of Manitoba Libraries , including the Sciences & Technology, Albert D. Cohen (Management), the Architecture/Fine Arts, and the E.K. Williams (Law) Libraries

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