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HSL Librarians & Assistants Toolkit: Client Service Desk

Supporting Health Sciences Librarians and Library Assistants in improving workflow and the practice of librarianship and library sciences.

Client Service Desk FAQ

  1. Where can I find information on accessibility support?
  2. What library services are available to Alumni patrons?
  3. Do you have an article on a particular topic?
  4. I can’t access my Aurora account. What do I do? 
  5. Do you have books on a particular topic?
  6. How do I book an appointment with a librarian? 
  7. How do I book a room at NJM library?
  8. How do I book a computer lab at NJM Library?
  9. How do I cite in a particular style?
  10. What library services are available to consumer health patrons?
  11. How do I find course reserves?
  12. How do I request an item from document delivery?
  13. How can I find ebooks in One Stop Search?
  14. I can’t access my email account. What do I do?
  15. How do I get the full text of an article?
  16. How do I request/put a hold on a book?
  17. What are your hours?
  18. What is my library ID and Password? (How do I reactivate my Library account in signUM)?
  19. How do I reactivate my Lexicomp mobile account?
  20. How do I get a library card?
  21. How do I request a Literature Search
  22. Where do I find information about Open Access?
  23. How can I pay library fines/fees  online?
  24. Where/How do I find peer-reviewed articles?
  25. Where can I find the prayer room in Bannatyne Campus?
  26. What are my borrower privileges
  27. How do I recommend a book for purchase?
  28. How do I use EndNote/Mendeley/Zotero?
  29. What services are available to Regional Heath Authority staff?
  30. Do I have remote access to library resources?
  31. How do I renew a borrower's library account
  32. For how long can I renew a borrower's library account?
  33. How do I renew my books on loan
  34. What library services are available to Retired Faculty/Staff
  35. How do I place items on Reserve?
  36. How do I register for library seminars?
  37. How do I save my Scopus search results? 
  38. How do I access SignUM
  39. Where do I find information on Systematic Reviews?
  40. How do I connect to UptoDate? Renew UptoDate?
  41. I'd like to donate a/some book(s) to the library