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The University of Manitoba campuses are located on original lands of Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples, and on the homeland of the M├ętis Nation. More

Archival Collections: Human Rights Collections


The records these fonds or collections contain are manuscripts, research notes, meeting minutes, lecture notes, letters, journal articles, diaries, postcards, newspaper articles, taped interviews, and photos.  It must be noted though that this Archives has not particularly followed a mandate to collect human rights records.  In saying this, the fonds or collections contain a varied assortment of records that demonstrate distinctively local participation in human rights issues that can be associated to wider issues around the globe.

  • Age and Opportunity Inc. fonds - life stories written by seniors
  • Skapti Arason fonds - 7-page memoir of his immigration from Iceland
  • Isabel G. Auld fonds - lifelong career of volunteer work dedicated to the welfare of others, serving numerous organizations involved in education, health, consumer and social services
  • Margaret Avison fonds - deeply moved by the Hungarian Uprising of 1956, Avison translated eight Hungarian poems, which appeared in The Plough and Pen: Writings from Hungary 1930-1956, which brought recognition to many of the great twentieth-century Hungarian poets; worked with the mustard seed mission
  • Edmund J. Berry fonds - Crowe Case on academic freedom
  • Nadine Boulay fonds - thesis material pertaining to gender and sexuality
  • Business and Professional Women's Club of Winnipeg fonds - established in 1924 to provide a forum for women professionals to meet, discuss common problems and lobby for women's issues, including equal pay for work of equal value, better treatment of women in the workplace, and the creation and improvement of the Canada Pension plan
  • Communist Party of Canada Collection - at the forefront of left wing Canadian politics, fighting for jobs, democratic rights, Canadian independence, peace, socialism and working class internationalism
  • Consumers' Association of Canada (Manitoba Branch) fonds - many special investigations of consumer concerns are documented, including studies of food prices, fishing, drug costs, loan charges, consumer credit and a wide range of other matters
  • John W. Dafoe fonds - supported independence for Canada, equality within the Commonwealth, constitutional reform, free trade, international peace efforts, and improved education
  • Betty Dyck fonds - includes "Draft Proposal - History of Canadian Foodgrains Bank"
  • Franco-Manitoban Society fonds - defenders of French language
  • Marshall Gauvin fonds - free thought and anti-religion lectures
  • Susan Goyer fonds - Flood of 1997 victim advocate
  • Simma Holt fonds - published a series of columns and news stories which led to equality for women in law enforcement; also published stories on abuses happening to Aboriginal women on Vancouver streets
  • Per Holting fonds - major focus of his interviews in the tape collection is with the Aboriginal Peoples of Northern Manitoba and the Canadian Inuit
  • Takeo Kawata fonds - includes apology scroll from the Canadian Government on the interment of Japanese people during World War II
  • Irene Knysh fonds - Ukrainian women's movement articles and research
  • Henry Kreisel fonds - diaries of time spent in World War II internment camps
  • Olga Kuplowska fonds - published material on the Committee in Defense of Soviet Political Prisoners
  • Faculty of Law fonds - includes papers titled "Women's Legal Handbook: The Rights of Women in Manitoba", "Pamphlets on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms", "An Advocate's Guide to Workers Compensation in Manitoba"; files on internships (international human rights) and a conference on euthanasia titled A Comparative Examination of the Legal, Ethical and Clinical Issues in Death and Dying
  • Dorothy Livesay fonds - Box 11, Folder 1-5: Amnesty International; Box 33: 36 newspaper articles on women and the Soviet Union; Boxes 5 and 6: records on Livesay's mother, Florence Randal Livesay, who taught in a prisoner camp during the Boer War
  • Manitoba Gay and Lesbian Archives - largest collection of material pertaining to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgender, and queer people in Manitoba
  • Carol Matas fonds - The Holocaust, immigration to North America, and other facets of Jewish life continue to be common themes in Matas' work
  • Marion Meadmore fonds - Records lawyer and Indigenous rights activist Marion Meadmore.
  • School of Nursing fonds - tape collection includes audio-recordings of the 1996 Sacred Lands Conference
  • Odon L. Ostrowski fonds - two unpublished manuscripts pertaining to life during World War II in occupied Poland and in Nazi concentration camps as seen through the eyes of the writer who was, at the time, a Polish forced labourer
  • Ethel Ostry fonds - includes a copy of the manuscript After the Holocaust: My work with the UNRRA
  • John Plantje Collection - postcards of the German occupation of Holland in 1940
  • William O. Pruitt, Jr. fonds - involved in blocking nuclear activities in Alaska
  • David Rabinovitch fonds - CBC radio segments dealing with then-current cultural issues in Canada and the United States ranging from anti-war demonstrations, race relations, drugs, the French community in Manitoba, and many others
  • Sheila Rabinovitch fonds - radio broadcast segments pertaining to various topics including prominent historic Winnipeg personalities such as Judge Lewis St. George Stubbs
  • Janet Reimer fonds - Reimer's son Bruce received an irreparably damaging circumcision resulting, at the behest of doctors at Johns Hopkins University, in Janet raising Bruce as a girl.  The controversial medical decision to promote nurture vs. nature through sex-assignment received its first trial in Bruce’s childhood
  • Louis Riel Photograph Collection - asked by a group of settlers in the Saskatchewan Valley to lead them in protest against the Canadian government. The protest turned to violence in and Riel's resistance was quickly and brutally suppressed after military defeat at the Battle of Batoche. He was tried for treason and was hung
  • Heather Robertson fonds - includes manuscript for Reservations Are for Indians
  • Walter Rudnicki fonds - champion of Aboriginal human rights
  • Myroslav Shkandrij fonds - was on the editorial board of Diyaloh, a journal of the young generation of Ukrainians in the West, the Ukrainian Canadian University Students, who smuggled issues of their publication to Ukraine during the Cold War; also served on the Committee in Defense of Soviet Political Prisoners
  • Berenice Sisler fonds - includes reports and other documents concerning family law and related issues, as well as various publications concerning the legal status of women
  • Mary Speechly fonds - as the Treasurer and President of the Winnipeg Red Cross, she later acted as the first Director of the Manitoba Junior Red Cross; helped found the Family Planning Association of Manitoba and became the first president of the Winnipeg Birth Control Society
  • Lewis St. George Stubbs fonds - on a platform of human rights and social justice, he swept the polls with the greatest electoral majority ever recorded in the Manitoba legislature; was active in many left leaning/united front political organizations; was the President of the Winnipeg Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy and President of the local arm of the National Committee for Peace and Democracy
  • Tennenhouse Family fonds - Morris and Annie Tennenhouse emigrated from Rumania to England in 1900; fonds consists of unpublished manuscript that recounts many different aspects of Manitoban farm life, including rural education in the 1920's and 1930's, day-to-day farm life, Jewish ethnicity in rural Manitoba, and the language issues facing new immigrants to Manitoba
  • Nick Ternette fonds - active in several Aboriginal Peoples associations and the New Democratic Party; records include his involvement in: Peace in Vietnam Committee - Budget 1968-1972, Social Profile of Sioux Look-out/Indian Metis Report, Social Action Movement - Constitution, reports, lists
  • Winnipeg Citizen fonds - published as an anti-labour paper by the Citizens Committee of 1000 during the Winnipeg General Strike in 1919
  • Winnipeg General Strike Collection - consists of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings from both the Winnipeg Free Press and the Winnipeg Evening Tribune regarding the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919
  • Winnipeg Tribune fonds - clippings and photographs pertaining to numerous human rights issues