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Archival Collections: World Wars

World Wars

World War Collections:

Alice Millidge fonds: Correspondence between Alice Millidge and soldiers serving overseas.

Archie Polson fonds: Photographs and correspondence from Polson and his family.

Canadian Officers Training Corps fonds: Records of the C.O.T.C, including photographs and textual material.

Charles William Gordon fonds: Wartime records of army chaplain Gordon.

Frederick D. Baragar fonds: Letters from the front written by and photographs of Frederick Baragar.

Jellis Family fonds: Wartime correspondence between two Jellis cousins.

John W. Dafoe fonds: A diary and correspondence on the Paris Peace Conference, which Dafoe attended as a Press Officer.


Martin Platz fonds: Records related to Platz's time in a Prisoner of War camp.

Pitblado Family fonds: Records of Lt. Pitblado’s war service, including correspondence and a war diary.

Rare Books Collection: Books related to the First World War, including a scrapbook titled Letters from the Front: M.A.C. Students, 1915-1918

Simon Jauvoish fonds: The poems and short stories of private Jauvoish, which reflect his WWI experiences.

Strange, Davison, Thompson, Griffith Family fonds: Postcards and Photographs of WWI.

Vaughan David Watt fonds: Correspondence, reports and photographs related to Watt’s service and death during WWI.

Walter Eggertson fonds: War diaries of Eggertson, who served with the 27th Battalion.

William Harold Hunt fonds: Correspondence from family and friends written during the First World War.

Winnipeg Tribune fonds: Newspaper clippings and photographs chronicling wartime events.