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Psychology: Find Assessments, Tests, & Measures


This page lists sources for identifying test instruments, finding test reviews, and some sources that include the full-text of selected instruments.
A complete psychological instrument may sometimes be reproduced in a journal article, book, or thesis, but often these tools can only be obtained by paying a fee to the publisher of the instrument. 
Unpublished tests can often be obtained by contacting the test author. Permission to use an unpublished test must be obtained in writing from the test author if the material is copyrighted.
The APA has a brief guide to Finding Information About Psychological Tests, including published and unpublished tests.

Best Bets for Finding Assessments, Tests & Measures

Using Databases to Find Tests

Article databases like PsycINFO can be used to locate published journal articles that describe, validate, and employ tests and will sometimes include the full text of the instrument. 

Article appendices will sometimes contain the full instrument, while other articles will include an instrument as supplemental material.

For database assistance, contact the subject librarian.


Additional Tests and Measures Resources

Resources below provide additional guides to tests and measures, including many unpublished or non-commercial instruments. Some of these sources reproduce selected instruments.

When using these resources, make sure you are following all copyright guidelines and using proper citation.


Handbook of clinical rating scales and assessment in psychiatry and mental health (Baer, 2010)

Measures for psychological assessment: a guide to 3,000 original sources and their applications (Chun, 1975)

Handbook of psychological assessment (Goldstein, Allen, & DeLuca, 2019)

Handbook of psychological assessment (Groth-Marnat & Wright, 2016)

Guide to assessments that work (Hunsley & Mash, 2008)

Measuring health: a guide to rating scales & questionnaires (McDowell, 2006)

Print Books

Handbook of psychiatric measures (American Psychiatric Association. Task Force for the Handbook of Psychiatric Measures, 2008)

Measures for clinical practice and research: a sourcebook (Corcoran & Fischer, 2013)

Positive psychological assessment: a handbook of models and measures (Gallager & Lopez, 2019)

The clinical measurement package: a field manual (Hudson, 1982)

Tests: a comprehensive reference for assessment in psychology, education, and business (Maddox, 2008)

Major psychological assessment instruments (Newmark, 1996)


Journal Articles
Beidas, R., Stewart, R., Walsh, L., Lucas, S., Downey, M., Jackson, K., … Mandell, D. (2015). Free, Brief, and Validated: Standardized Instruments for Low-Resource Mental Health Settings. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 22(1), 5–19.

Web Resources