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German Studies Collection: Reference Sources

About this Page

This page highlights some of our German Language & Literature print materials.

The following selection of bibliographies, handbooks and surveys is meant as an introductory guide to the library collection in the field of German literature. For help in using the catalogue, or any of the material mentioned in the guide, consult the library staff on duty at the Service Desk, Elizabeth Dafoe Library: 474-9844

Bibliographical Sources

Bibliographies and Handbooks: Special Periods

Bibliographies and Handbooks: Special Aspects

  • Austrian literature
  • Autobiographies and Biographies
    • Allgemeine deutsche Biographie. Dunker. 1875-1912. 56 vol.
      Contains long articles, with bibliographies, on prominent Germans from the earliest tomes to the end of the 19th century. General Index in volume 56.
      Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Second Floor (CT 1053 .A5)
    • Bode, Ingrid. Die Autobiographien zur deutschen Literatur, Kunst und Musik 1900-1965. Stuttgart: Metzler, 1966.
      Annotates more than 500 autobiographies; subject arrangement with name index.
      REF Z 5301 .H35
    • Deutscher biographischer Index. Munchen: K.G. Saur, 1986. 4v.
      Index to Deutsches Biographisches Archiv, which is available in Dafoe Microforms on 1500 microfiches.
      REF CT 1054 .D498
    • Neue deutsche Biographie. Munchen: Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1953-
      In progress. Alphabetical entries with bibliographical references.
      REF CT 1053 .N49
    • Westphal, M. Die besten deutschen Memorien: Lebenserinnerungen und Selbstbiographien aus sieben Jahrhunderten. Leipzig: Koehler & Volckmar, 1923.
      A bibliography of memoirs published in Germany since the 12th century. Arranged by subject with indexes.
      In Storage, Available by Request.
  • Drama
    • Hinck, Walter. Handbuch des deutschen Dramas. Dusseldorf: Bagel, 1980.
      Detailed survey articles on various aspects of German drama and dramatic theory.
      PT 615 .H3
    • Der Schauspielfuhrer. Hrsg., J. Gregor. Stuttgart: Hiersemann, 1953-1972. 6 v.
      A guide to 1000 years of Occidental drama. German drama up to 1950 is covered in v. 1-2. Arrangement is by period or school. Gives critical annotations and plot summaries. Well indexed in v. 6.
      808.82 .G86 Sc
  • Exiled authors
    • Handbuch der deutschen Exilpresse, 1933-1945. Munchen: Hanser, 1976- . 4 v.
      V.1-2 cover exiled authors in alphabetical order. V.3 is a supplement and index. V.4 (to be continued) addresses journalistic aspects.
      REF Z 6956 .G3 M27
    • Sternfeld, Wilhelm. Deutsche Exil Literatur, 1933-1945: eine Bio- Bibliographie. 2. Aufl. Heidelberg: Schneider, 1970.
      Short biographical introductions and lists of publications; alphabetical arrangement by names of exiled authors.
      In Storage, Available by Request.
    • Walter, Hans-Albert. Deutsche Exilliteratur 1933-1950. Stuttgart: Metzler, 1978-
      In progress, expected to be completed in 6 volumes, the last of which will contain a comprehensive index.
      Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Second Floor (PT 405 .W24)
  • Fairy Tales
  • Fiction
    • Emmel, Hildegard. Geschichte des deutschen Romans. Bern: Francke, 1972-1978. 3 v.
      History of the German novel from the 15th to the 20th century. Indexing is slight.
      Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Second Floor (PT 741 .E54)
    • German Fiction Writers, [1885-1945]. Ed., J. Hardin. Detroit: Gail, 1988-1990. (6 v.)
      Substantial essays on selected German and Austrian novelists. In progress: 2 v. cover 1885-1913; 2 v. the period 1914-1945, 1 v. contemporary German authors, 1 v. on Austrian authors (both to be continued).
      REF PT 771 .G47 et al.
      • Also available online via Gale Dictionary of Literary Biography (1885-1913 and 1914-1945 listed separately).
    • Handbuch der deutschen Erzahlung. Hrsg., K. Pohlheim. Mnchen: Nymphenburger, 1981.
      A collection of lengthy survey articles exploring the history and theoretical status of German short stories and novellas; with detailed bibliographies.
      Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Second Floor (PT 747 .S6 H3)
    • Der Romanführer. Hrsg., Wilhelm Olbrich. Stuttgart: Hiersemann, 1950-1979. 16 v.
      Articles on 5000 masterpieces of fiction. Volumes 1-5, 13, and 16 cover German works up to 1973. A comprehensive index to v.1-14 is in v. 15, presently not available.
      In Storage, Available by Request.
    • Romanführer A-Z. Hrsg., Kollektiv fur Literaturgeschichte. Berlin: Volk und Wissen, 1973-1980. 3 v. in 4.
      Describes fiction of German-speaking countries, with special emphasis on DDR works.
      Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Second Floor (PT 744 .R6 1973)
  • Film
    • Estermann, Alfred. Die Verfilmung literarischer Werke. Bonn: Bouvier, 1965.
      A listing of films (1895-1964) based on German literary works. Includes a historical introduction.
      Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Second Floor (PN 1997 .85 .E8)
  • Genres
    • Markwardt, B. Geschichte der deutschen Poetik. Berlin: De Gruyter, 1937-1967. 5 v.
      Comprehensive Survey of German literary theory in chronological arrangement. Very well documented and indexed.
      In Storage, Available by Request.
    • Ruttkowski, Wolfgang. Bibliographie der Gattungspoetik. Munchen: Hueber, 1973.
      Lists over 3000 titles related to the history and theory of literary genres.
      REF Z 6511 .R86
  • Literary journals (see also special periods)
  • Poetry
  • Sources
    • Kussmaul, Ingrid. Die Nachlasse und Sammlungen des Deutschen Literaturarchivs: ein Verzeichnis. Marbach: Deutsches Literaturarchiv, 1983.
      Describes literary archives and collections held by the Marbach Literatur-Archiv. Has indexes.
      In Storage, Available by Request.
    • Manifeste und Dokumente zur deutschen Literatur. Stuttgart: Metzler, [1975-1983].
      Individually published volumes in this series provide substantial documentation and source-material related to the various literary periods surveyed in the series Epochen der deutschen Literatur (830.9-830.95).
      Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Second Floor (PT 391 - PT 405).
  • Theater
  • Themes
  • Theses (Hochschulschriften)
  • Translation

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  • Brockhaus/Wahrig. Deutsches Wörterbuch in sechs Bänden. Hrsg., von G. Wahrig et al. Wiesbaden: Brockhaus und Stuttgart: Deutsche Verlagsanstalt, 1980-1984.
    Comprehensive dictionary of the German language, including scientific and foreign terms.
    REF PF 3625 .B7
  • Langenscheidt's Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English and German Languages. Langenscheidt, 1962-1975. 2pts. in 4 vol.
    Based on the old and respected Muret-Sanders dictionary, though completely revised. Includes British and American terms.
    REF PF 3640 .L258
  • Kluge, Friedrich. Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache. 25 ed. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2011.
    Standard etymological dictionary, originally published in 1883.
    REF PF 3580 .K5
  • Kupper, Heinz. Wörterbuch der deutschen Umgangsprache. Hamburg: Claasen, 1955-1967. 6 v.
    Conceived as a comprehensive dictionary of German slang. Reference has v. 2, covering 10,000 words in from A to Z, and v. 4, presenting occupational slang words.
    REF PF 3625 .K8
  • Wahrig, Gerhard. Deutsches Wörterbuch. Gutersloh: Bertelsmann, 2008.
    Best single-volume German dictionary, with extensive grammatical introduction.
    REF PF 3625 .W2 2008
  • Worterbuch der deutschen Gegenwartssprache. Hrsg. von Ruth Klappenbach und Wolfgang Steinitz. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1961- 1977. 6v.
    Comprehensive German dictionary with emphasis on 20th century usage.
    In Storage, Available by Request.
  • Brockhaus Enzyklopadie in zwanzig Banden. 17., vollig neubearb. Aufl. des Grossen Brockhaus. Wiesbaden: Brockhaus, 1966-1981. 20 v. + 4 v. suppl.
    Standard German encyclopedia providing factual and biographical information. V.21 contains maps, v.22-23 are supplements, v.24 is an illustrated language dictionary.
    In Storage, Available by Request.
  • Deutsche Wortgeschichte. Hrsg. von Friedrich Maurer und Heinz Rupp., 3. Aufl. Berlin: de Gruyter, 1974. 3v.
    Important handbook of etymological history with extensive documentation; includes fashion words used during various periods. Comprehensive index in v. 3.
    In Storage, Available by Request.
  • Duden: das grosse Worterbuch der deutschen Sprache in 6 Banden. Mannheim: Bibliographisches Institut, 1976-1981. 6 v.
    Comprehensive German dictionary, with substantial examples of usage.
    In Storage, Available by Request.

Handbooks and Bio-Bibliographical Guides

  • Grange, William. Historical Dictionary of German Literature to 1945. Lanham [Md.]: Scarecrow, 2011. Print. Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts ; No. 47.
    A biographical and bibliographical source on German authors.

    Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Reference (PT 41 G73 2011).
  • Deutsche Philologie im Aufriss. Hrsg., Wolfgang Stammler et al. 2nd ed. Berlin: E.Schmidt, 1957-1962. 3v. + index.
    A standard text describing German philology and literature in its development, taking into consideration cultural and historical influences. Library lacks the comprehensive index volume.
    Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Second Floor (PF 3025 .S8 1957)
  • Deutsche Schriftsteller im Porträt. Hrsg., Martin Bircher. Munchen: Beck, 1979-1984. 6v.
    Full page portraits and brief bio-bibliographical accounts of selected authors from the 16th to the 20th century.
    Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Second Floor (PT 271 .D4)
  • Frenzel, Herbert A. und Elisabeth Frenzel. Daten deutscher Dichtung: chronologischer Abriss der deutschen Literaturgeschichte. Munchen: DTV, 1991. 2v.
    Provides tables and dates relevant to the historical development of German literature in chronological segments.
    PT 103 .F72 1991
  • Garland, Henry. The Oxford Companion to German Literature. Oxford University Press, 1976.
    Entries include biographies, synopses of important works, literary terms, movements, historical events and figures, etc., arranged in dictionary form. Excludes fictional characters.
    Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Second Floor (PT 41 .G3 1976)
  • Geschichte der deutschen Literatur vom 18. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart. Hrsg., V. Zmegac. Konisstein: Athenaum, 1979-1984. 3v. in 4.
    Collection of lengthy survey articles of literary periods. Well documented and indexed.
    2000 Edition Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Reserves (PT 85 G48 2000 CD-ROM)
    1979 Edition In Storage, Available by Request.
  • Gutzen, D., N.Oellers, J.H. Petersen. Einfuhrung in die neuere deutsche Literaturwissenschaft. 4. Aufl. Berlin: E. Schmidt, 2009.
    Introduction to text-interpretation; surveys different approaches practiced in Germany since the late 19th century.
    Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Second Floor (PT 45 .G8)
  • Kindlers Literatur Lexikon. Zurich: Kindler, 1965-1974. 7v. + Suppl.
    A scholarly encyclopedia providing information on works of world literature in alphabetical title sequence. Volume 7 contains essays on World literatures, and author/title indexes.
    1965 Edition Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Reference (REF PN 44 .K54 1965)
    1999 CD-ROM Edition Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Mezzanine, Multimedia (PN 41 K54 1999 CD-ROM)
  • Metzler Autoren Lexikon: deutschsprachige Dichter und Schriftsteller vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart. Stuttgart: Metzler, 1994.
    Recent dictionary, listing 3000 major German authors.
    1994 Edition Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Reference (REF PT 155 .M48 1994).
    2010 Edition Available at Elizabeth Dafoe Library Second Floor (PT 155 M48 2010).
  • Fricke, H., Grubmüller, Klaus, Müller, Jan-Dirk, & Weimar, Klaus. Reallexikon der deutschen Literaturwissenschaft. 3rd ed. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2007. 3v.
    Authoritative dictionary of German literary terms, periods, currents, schools and genres. Long, signed articles, with extensive bibliographies.
    REF PT 41 .R43 2007