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German Studies Collection: Links to Internet Resources

Online Resources

Internet resources in support of the German Studies Programs offered in the Department of German & Slavic Studies

Four Internet Gateways for German Studies/Germanistik lead to comprehensive listings of e-Resources in this Field

Many are academic or institutional "open access" sites & free! Detailed catalogue records exist for most.

For commercial e-Holdings see the UML's e-Library

  1. ESS - European Studies Section of ACRL - Association of College & Research Libraries)
  2. Germanistik im Netz (Uni Frankfurt)
  3. Germanistik
    im Internet / Erlanger Liste
  4. Germanistik.Net (Alan Ng, UMadison)
Other useful databases:
  • MLA International Bibliography
    • Most comprehensive annual bibliography on literature, languages, folklore, and linguistics, including German titles. Covers books, articles and websites from 1925 to the present.
Journals relevant to German Studies:
  • Germanistik: internationales Referatenorgan mit bibliographischen Hinweisen. An essential bibliography of criticism on German literature and authors, arranged in chronological sequences. Published quarterly, with annual subject and author indexes.
  • Year's Work in Modern Language Studies. Annual critical survey of books and articles on modern languages and literature. Includes a section on Germanic Languages, covering Language and Linguistics; Medieval Literature; The Sixteenth Century; Literature, 1830-1880; Literature, 1880-1945; Literature, 1945-1990; and Literature and Film, 1990 to the Present Day.




Dictionaries / Online Wörterbücher

Many important German dictionaries are available online via Wörterbuchnetz. All dictionaries that they offer can be searched through their homepage, or they may be searched individually. These dictionaries, and others available online, are listed below by subject.

English-German Dictionaries

Dictionaries by Era

Old High German (700-1050 AD)
Middle High German (1050-1350)
Early Modern High German (1350-1650)
New High German (1650-present)
  • - translate from German to English, Chinese, Danish, French, and eight other languages.

Specialized Dictionaries

Regional Dictionaries

Other Reference Sources

German as a Foreign Language / Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF)

Authors, their Archives [Handschriften, Nachlässe, usw.], Societies, etc.

Of Local Relevance:

Bibliographical/Reference Tools: Germanistik, Literaturwissenschaft, German Studies, etc

Literary Prizes

Women and Gender Studies

German Departments (Germany, Canada & U.S., etc)