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Landmarks, Monuments & Built Heritage of the West: Teachers


For Teachers

The Landmarks, Monuments & Built Heritage of the West educational website is intended to supplement the Social Studies curriculum for students in Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 4.  The activities for students are intended to complement a few concepts in several clusters of these grades. 

Kindergarten - Cluster 3: The World Around Me

  • Knowledge
    • 0-KL-014 - Describe the location of their home in relation to familiar landmarks.  Include: the name of their village, town, city, or First Nation community.
    • 0-KL-015 - Identify familiar places and landmarks.  Examples: parks, statues, buildings, natural landmarks ...
    • 0-KL-016 - Recognize globes, map, and models as representations of actual places.

Grade 1 - Cluster 2: My Environment

  • Knowledge
    • 1-KL-014 - Recognize globes and maps as representations of the surface of the Earth.
    • 1-KL-015 - Distinguish land and water masses on globes and maps.
    • 1-KL-016 - Identify and locate landmarks and significant places using relative terms. Examples: the statue is in the park beside the river ...
    • 1-KL-016A - Identify local Aboriginal landmarks and significant places.
    • 1-KL-016F - Identify local francophone landmarks and significant places.
  • Values
    • 1-VL-008 - Respect neighbourhood and community places and landmarks.  Examples: do not litter or vandalize ...

Grade 4 - Cluster 3: Living in Manitoba

  • Knowledge
    • Describe places of historic, cultural, or environmental significance in Manitoba. Examples: Lower Fort Garry, the Forks, musee de Saint-Boniface, Thunderbird House, provincial/national parks ...