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Hal Loewen (Librarian): Info Lit Framework Template

Overview and Goals


To use the ACRL Information Literacy Framework in the development of information literacy instruction for the student in conjunction with the goals and objectives of the program, course, and the instructor.


  1. identify the the information literacy needs in the College of Rehabilitation programs
  2. identify where those needs line up with the core concepts identified in the ACRL Framework 
  3. develop information literacy instruction classes and units using the Framework as a guide, this includes providing: established goals for the class/unit; enduring understandings for the class/unit; essential questions for the class/unit; knowledge, skills, and values for the lesson; and how the lesson will be assessed
  4. make this information and process transparent

How to Use

  1. There are 3 templates: Desired Results, Acceptable Evidence, and Learning Experiences
  2. Every information literacy session requires that you fill in the information for each of the 3 templates
  3. Use the ACRL Framework to identify the frames being covered in the session
  4. Work with faculty to gather course goals and objectives and how Information Literacy ties into those goals and objectives
  5. Replace the "ipsem lorum" with content that answers the questions in the grey highlighted text
  6. Make the completed templates available for all to see


The templates used come from:

Baer, A., Johnson, B., Matts-Benson, L. (2017, December). "Engaging with ACRL Framework: A Catalyst for Exploring and Expanding Teaching Practices." Chicago: American Library Association

The material for the templates is made available through CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 

Content created by H. Loewen