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Donating to the Archives: Private Donor Guidelines


The following are records which the Archives would be interested in if you are a private donor:

  1. Manuscripts of published works, and any other notes, memos, etc. related to the creative process.
  2. Correspondence with other authors, publishers, agents, readers, and so on.
  3. Records dealing with the publication, or launch of literary works, and any awards, honours etc. related to these.
  4. Published versions of your own work.

Archives would not be interested in the following:

  1. Financial records (bills, receipts, invoices), and taxation records, especially those at a low-level.
  2. Copies of other peoples publications and articles.
  3. General publications such as newspapers and magazines (or clippings from these) unless organized as specific subject files and related to your work.
  4. Applications for grants, although letters etc. dealing with grants received are valuable.

These lists are intended as guidelines only. If you have specific questions regarding the retention or destruction of records please contact the FIPPA Co-ordinator (8339), or the Acquisition and Access Archivist (7967).