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Donating to the Archives: University Office Donor Guidelines


The following are records which the Archives would be interested in if you are in an administrative office:

  1. All minutes and the proceedings of meetings, and the guidelines or by-laws which result.
  2. Files documenting all policy decisions, and all committee and/or task force reports or questionnaires.
  3. Office files created during the general course of business including: correspondence and memoranda (both incoming and outgoing) and subject files concerning projects, activities and functions.
  4. Copies of all newsletters, brochures, monographs, programs, posters, announcements, bulletins, and other publications produced by the unit.
  5. Audio-visual records (including images, sound and video recordings) which document the unit’s activities or events.

In addition there are the personal papers of faculty and staff, and sometimes students.  Note: These records are dealt with as personal, non-university records. Refer to private donor guidelines.

The Archives would not be interested in the following records:

  1. Low-level or routine financial records (bills, receipts, invoices).
  2. Routine letters of acknowledgment or non-personally addressed correspondence, or circulars, unless you are the creating unit.

These lists are intended as guidelines only. If you have specific questions regarding the retention or destruction of records please contact the FIPPA Co-ordinator (8339), or the Acquisition and Access Archivist (7967).



Requisition to Transfer Records

When you are ready to transfer the records fill out the “Requisition to Transfer Records" form and follow the steps indicated. The URL is: