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Donating to the Archives: University Professor Donor Guidelines


The following are records which the Archives would be interested in if you are a university professor:

  1. Personal and professional correspondence and memos.
  2. One copy of all published works (including books, articles and reports).
  3. Lecture notes, blank examinations, course outlines, and research notes.
  4. Successful grant applications and letters related to the awarding of grants.
  5. Papers presented at conferences or symposia.
  6. Curriculum vitae, and notices of honours and other symbols of recognition.
  7. Material related to significant outside or community activities.
  8. Any departmental or faculty administrative records not held by your department or faculty.

The Archives would not be interested in the following:

  1. Low-level financial records (bills, receipts, invoices), and taxation records.
  2. Copies of scholarly publications and articles by other researchers, unless they are formed into an organized, and coherent reference collection useful to other researchers.
  3. General publications such as newspapers and magazines unless they contain articles about you or your work.
  4. General applications for grants, although documents related to grants received are valuable.
  5. Materials (such as exams and essays) related to students which do or do not identify them as individuals. The Archives may not be able to have these materials available to researchers for privacy and/or copyright reasons.

These lists are intended as guidelines only. If you have specific questions regarding the retention or destruction of records please contact the University Records Manager, Access and Privacy Office at 204-474-8757 or 204-474-9462.