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Accessibility Support Services: Services

The University of Manitoba Libraries is committed to providing the following accessibility support to all UM students, staff, and faculty:

Alternative Formats:

Any book or e-book titles held in the Libraries, library communications or instructional materials can be provided in accessible, alternative format upon request. This includes digital files required for your assistive technology.  Please read the following different situations and identify what to do to acquire your required alternative format:

Case 1: Request a digitized edition of a print monograph title that is either held or not held in the Libraries:   Request it through UM Libraries Document Delivery. Please indicate "Searchable PDF/Accessibility Purpose" in the note field of the request form, which you will find towards the bottom of the form, as well as which section(s) of the book is(are) needed, if applicable.

Case 2: The title you are interested is held in the Libraries and available in ebook format but not accessible:   Send your request including the permalink of the record from the library catalogue to  Alternatively, clearly indicate in the message, the title, author(s)/editor(s), year of publication, and publisher's information.

Case 3: For any other formats that are held in the Libraries and not accessible, contact

Case 4: Any library communications or instructional materials that are not accessible.  Please contact us by sending a message to


If you have already purchased the course textbooks and need alternative formats, Student Accessibility Services can assist you in obtaining these.

Materials in Braille:

If you require any assistance associated with Braille, please contact Jeff Buhse, Assistive Technologist, Student Accessibility Services, (204) 391-4452 or e-mail him at

Beyond the University of Manitoba Libraries:

Your local public library can assist you find accessible formats through the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA).  Membership with CELA will give you access to Bookshare, an accessible online library with a large pool of books including research books and textbooks.

Individual In-depth Research Assistance:

Please make an appointment with the liaison librarian that supports your course or program.  If you are not sure who your liaison librarian is, you can refer to the directory of liaison librarians or simply call the central service number, contact us vis e-mail, or ask at the service desk.

A consultation with a librarian can be arranged, for example, in the Accessibility Support Room (Room 201A of Elizabeth Dafoe Library on the Fort Garry campus, or at the Neil John MacLean Library on the Bannatyne campus, where you can use a height-adjustable table and relevant assistive technology.  Please note that the Room 201A at the Dafoe Library has to be booked ahead of the consultation time.  For more information, please refer to Assistive Technology and Facilities section of this LibGuide.

Photocopying and Scanning:

If you want a section from any book, or journal articles held physically in the Libraries, they can be scanned and emailed in a PDF format.  To use this service, you can fill out a Document Delivery request form.   If you need additional assistance, please call (204) 474-9844 or email us at  Any photocopying or scanning or a copyrighted work shall respect the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act (2012).

Physical Retrieval of Books:

Library staff can help you retrieve books from the stacks on your request when you are in the library premise.  Please request at the service desk of the library.

Requesting Books Online:

The Libraries offers retrieval and holding of the books you request from UM Libraries One Stop Search by logging into your account.  You will be notified by e-mail when they are ready for your pick-up.  Please allow a standard 1-3 business days turnaround time for the service.

Proxy Borrower Authorization:

You can designate a proxy borrower to borrow books on your behalf.  Your proxy borrower will need to provide your library/Student Card, a piece of his/her government issued ID, and a letter of authorization from you.

Tour of the Library - Individual and Group:

Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to arrange a tour of their home library to familiarize themselves with its layout and emergency procedure.  This is for safety in case of an emergency in the library building, especially if you have mobility concerns. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a tour.

Members of the Public with Accessibility Needs

Your accessibility needs are also important to us.  Please approach a staff at the service point of the library you are visiting and communicate your needs.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Library staff can help you retrieve books from the stacks on your request when you are in the library premises.  Please request at the service desk of the library.

Library staff can photocopy or scan library materials at any library unit upon your request.  Please ask at the service desk of the library you are visiting.  Allow one regular business day turnaround time for the service during busy hours.  Regular photocopying charges will apply.  Any photocopying or scanning of a copyrighted work shall respect the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act (2012).  For more details, please refer to the Copyright Office's web page.