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Nursing Toolkit (College of Nursing): Measurement Tools & Instruments

This guide assists students and faculty in the College of Nursing.

Research Instruments

Validated research instruments are important for conducting research, but identifying relevant tools and obtaining them can be a challenge. Some research instruments are available to use without cost, but others are proprietary and must be purchased. 


Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print 

Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print is a searchable database of research instruments, available through the University of Manitoba Library 


The Test Collection at ETS

The Test Collection at ETS lists more than 25,000 tests and measures from all over the world. Entries include a breif description and list the source of the test. 


Other Library Databases

You can search for research instruments in library databases. This can help you identify useful tests used in published research, but the tests themselves may or may not be included in the article. When instruments are not included, you will need to track them down online or by contacting the author to find out where the instrument can be obtained.

Database searching tips:

  • Use relevant subject headings to focus your search.
  • Databases like CINAHL and PsycInfo have limits and filters available to focus your search on research instruments
  • Build keywords that refer to research instruments into your search. For example: measur* or tool* or instrument* or scale* or assess* or evaluat* or psychometric* or inventory or questionnaire

See also the University of Manitoba Library's Psychology Libguide for information on searching for research instruments


Some Sources of Instruments Online

PROQOLID™ Provides information about Clinical Outcome Assessment tools, including copyright and conditions of use. Copyright considerations and fees vary by instrument. Registration is required to download instruments, when they are available without cost. Registration is free. Help documentation is available as a pdf.
Sigma Repository Reference List of Tools, Instruments, and Measurements Useful to Nurses Lists tools by general topic. Copyright considerations and fees vary by instrument.
PROMIS® (Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System) A set of person-centered measures that evaluates and monitors physical, mental, and social health in adults and children. PDFs of PROMIS® measures need no preparation and are available for free.
RAND Surveys & Tools  Lists a variety of tools by general topic. Rand surveys and tools are available for free. 
Rehabilitation Measures Database Lists tools to assess patient outcomes during all phases of rehabilitation. Copyright considerations and fees vary by instrument.
Substance Use Screening & Assessment Instruments (University of Washington Addictions, Drugs & Alcohol Institute) Provides information about toools for screening and assessment of substance use and substance use disorders. Measures that are widely used and have proven reliability and validity are noted with a gold star. Copyright considerations and fees vary by instrument. Links to contact and availability information are included where available.
Cancer Prevention Research Center (CRPC), University of Rhode Island  Lists measures that have been developed at the CPRC. Measures are available for research purposes only, with proper attribution. These measures are not for clinical use.
American Thoracic Society Quality of Life Resource Lists quality of life and functional status instruments used to assess patients with pulmonary disease or critical illness. 


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