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Storying Exhibition

Artwork Gallery

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Jerry Zhou

Title: Flag

Medium: Foam, post board, paper, spray paint and glue

Size/Dimension: 20 x 24 inches

Year: 2020

Artist Statement:

This artwork is straightforward, and we clearly see that it is a Chinese flag. This flag represents the country where me and my ancestors came from. China is always represented as the “big bad guy” after the Soviet Union and Russia because all three have a communist government, and they are big enough to threaten the dominance of the USA. Even a lot of Chinese dislike their own country and there are a lot of people promoting separatism, but I am very proud of my identity, I love my country, and I think our government is doing a great job for the people of the country. The efficiency of our government is clear, especially during this tough time. I think China did a very good job about this pandemic, and we took a very drastic move to control the spread of the virus. We quarantined an entire city, limited everyone’s movement across the country, asked everyone to stay at home during the biggest festival of the year, and sent help from every corner of the country to help Wuhan so the situation at that place is not too out of control.