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Storying Exhibition

Artwork Gallery

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Lucas Kim

Title: My Consciousness in a Nutshell

Medium: paper, pencil crayons, pens  + audio file from Logic Pro Notes, Astro origins Spirit mic, scarlet solo interface

Size/Dimension: 50.8 cm x 50.8cm

Year: 2020


Artist Statement:

I started making music around the age of sixteen. I learned to engineer my songs myself. As a teen, I would channel my emotions and ended up making a total of three projects and thirty plus singles. I am now twenty years of age with a small following and income coming from selling merchandise. “I cannot believe her '' is one of my most personal tracks as well as being one of my best (according to my peers); being the main catalyst for my final work. The image I drew and incorporated into a ready-made ps4 game (Call of Duty Black ops IV) is the cover art for my unreleased work. Since the age of eight, I have fallen in love with instruments and games. Initially, for Christmas my older brother and I were gifted a PS2 & Xbox360 from our aunt; I'd save up for the Call of Duties. Most of my friends were online and I built my inner mental security around the gamers during early years of school. All while playing the violin and alto-saxophone—this is what kept me occupied and out of trouble. Most of my melodies and counting come from playing these instruments. As a child and teen, I would always have anxiety attacks for presentations however, performing as an artist has always been fun for me.



I cannot believe her I could not believe her
Pouring up a litre while you’re crying rivers x2

I got bands in my pockets
Where I stand, they keep watching; Catch these hands, keep on talking With my gang, I be rocking
No sympathy for the weak. Hedonistic cavity.
Pussy boy wanna be me.
I hit the scene, I’m on the screen Yeah I’m on the screen
Really wanna scream,
Please just let me bleed;
They all try to deceive me

You can do what you like, but don’t test me I can think what I want, I manifest the
(End of lyrics)
All of my friends that are dead

Didn’t ever talk to the feds
I got like 10 new demons in my head
Sippin on mhm straight red
Don’t stand too close to me, eternal PTSD
trendsetter, seen my brethren fall over and over again
It’s vexing how you stay flexing
Luke’s got a war zone laying inside his head
Western culture knows sex, drugs, money; in that order
Feria (of course) I look back at my past
At 17 I was doing this and that, just to get out the trenches now I’m back Made this song and I look way back
Who I became I’m proud, need no claps