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Pronounced "my net", MHIKNET is Manitoba's Health Information and Knowledge Network, and is a service provided by the University of Manitoba's Health Sciences Libraries to staff of Manitoba Health, staff of participating Regional Health Authorities, and fee-for-service physicians in Manitoba.

Remote access to online texts, journals and databases subscribed to by the University of Manitoba Libraries is not available to MHIKNET clients at this time. Existing vendor licences prohibit such access to library card holders who are not faculty, staff or students of the University of Manitoba.

Participating Regional Health Authorities


Manitoba's Health Information & Knowledge NETwork (MHIKNET) Library Services team is committed to delivering the best available knowledge and information resources to eligible health care professionals and employees. We support evidence-based practice, clinical decision-making, research and continuing professional development through partnerships and collaboration.


To be the first choice in library services by supporting the success of health professionals.



We are committed to a high level of ethical conduct and performance. In order to earn the trust of our users, MHIKNET expects staff to demonstrate respect, honesty and transparency.


We are dedicated to creating and delivering value-added information solutions to our users. We are progressive and seek to incorporate new knowledge, striving to find better, more effective ways to deliver our services. This involves technical innovation as well as a willingness to consider and adopt new approaches to work.


We expect that our service is accurate, timely, relevant, equitable, helpful, tailored for our users, supporting individual professional needs and organizational development.


We are committed to providing and maintaining excellent information services, products, and staff to aid our users in achieving their goals. We demonstrate this commitment by our:

    • Professionalism
    • Respect for the information needs of users
    • Recognition of the value of cooperation and teamwork
    • Sense of responsibility toward our work


We ensure the privacy of our users and their right to confidentiality.


We learn as an organization through on-going assessment and a commitment to continuous improvement and professional development.

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Ask Us!

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