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MHIKNET: Current Awareness

Keep up to date with our Current Awareness Service!

MHIKNET card holders can register for e-mail alerts that list newly published articles in specific journals, or new articles that relate to a particular topic. 

  • E-mails are sent weekly, as applicable

  • The full text of the articles listed in the current awareness alerts is available through our Document Delivery Service

For more information contact the MHIKNET office at or Tel: 1-877-789-3804.

Determining the right way for YOU to keep current with the literature

What are your needs and preferences?

How you keep current with the literature is dependent upon your role, your continuing education needs, and your individual preferences.  Figure out what works (and doesn’t work) for you, and stick with it until your needs change!


Don’t get overwhelmed!

Try strategies one at a time.  If it works, stick with it.  If it doesn’t, move on. Also look to the features and functions of each strategy to see how/if you can adjust the levels of sensitivity, specificity, and frequency (e.g. daily or weekly messages, keywords anywhere in a document versus the title only, etc.)


Don’t be afraid to skim quickly and delete

To keep your alerts manageable, don’t be afraid to skim quickly and delete it they are not relevant or imperative.


Critically appraise!

Ensure you critically appraise and evaluate all information before deciding whether it will meet your needs going forward.

Ask Us!

Ask Us!

ask us

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