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Zotero (Workshop)

Links, examples and materials to accompany a Zotero workshop.

Using the Zotero Connector

Image showing different shapes the zotero connector assumes, folder for multiple references, text document for a citation, PDF document icon for a PDF document, book icon for a book


  1. Locate the item to import (using your browser).
  2. Click Zotero Connector (icon; its shape changes depending on reference type).
  3. Check the citation required (if more than one citation present).
  4. Select the Collection (from My Library drop down menu).

Try it using these examples....

Save a webpage with a snapshot.

Edit Zotero Connector proxy settings for Google Chrome

Zotero Web Connector for Google Chrome has a proxy setting which can interfere with Lean Library Browser Extension and your PubMed and Lexi accounts.  To locate and turn off this setting do the following:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the Puzzle Piece (icon) to access your extensions.
  3. Click Manage Extensions (link).
  4. Locate Zotero extension and click on Details (button).
  5. Scroll and click on Extension Options (link).
  6. Click on Proxy (tab; left-hand side of screen).
  7. Make sure Enable proxy redirection (setting) is NOT checked.
  8. Close the extension window. The setting is saved automatically.