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Zotero (Workshop)

Links, examples and materials to accompany a Zotero workshop.

Getting ready to submit your paper

Your paper is finished!  Congratulations!  But wait before you submit or turn in your paper.  You have one final step.

Your paper now has links into your Zotero in the form of in-text citations and a reference list.  The person or organization you are sending your paper to does NOT have the same Zotero database you have.  You need to finalize your paper and unlink your citations to turn them into static text which can be read and edited by another party.

Steps to finalize your paper for submission:

  1. Create a copy of your paper and somewhere in the file name indicate it's a final copy. (Do NOT skip this stepYou now have two copies of your paper and editing version (for future editing) and a final copy for submission. 
  2. Open up the final copy of your paper.
  3. Click Zotero (tab).
  4. Click Unlink Citations (button). 
  5. You will see a warning "Removing field codes will prevent Zotero from updating citations and bibliographies in this document. Are you sure you want to continue?", click OK (button).

If the final copy of your paper should come back to you with edits then make those edits on your editing copy and then finalize your paper again and resubmit.

What happens if you skip this step?

If you don't have an editing copy and a final copy....

  • if you have unlinked your citations and the paper comes back with edits you have to re-create all the Zotero in-text citations and bibliography again.
  • Keep that editing copy up to date!

If you don't unlink citations in your paper before you submit....

  • then the person receiving your paper may not see your citations or be able to interact with your citations as they need to.
  • they will probably ask you to resubmit your paper and you may miss a deadline.