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Zotero (Workshop)

Links, examples and materials to accompany a Zotero workshop.

Finding duplicate citations

Zotero can help you find duplicate citations in your Library.  In the Library and Collections (window) of Zotero look for an click on the Duplicate Items (icon).  This will display any duplicates Zotero finds in your Library.

screen capture of zotero desktop highlighting location of Duplicate items at the bottom of the list of collections

Merging duplicate citations

Steps to merge 2 or more duplicate citations:

  1. In the Library & Collections (window), click on Duplicate Items (icon).
  2. In the Collection Contents (window), click on a duplicate citation (note: more than one is highlighted).
  3. In the Item Meta-data (window) you will see the option to merge 2 or more items, but before you do check the following:
    1. Under Choose the version of the item to use as the master item, pick which version you want to use (a good rule is to select the most recent).
    2. Review each of the citation meta-data fields which contain different information.  Click on the duplicate icon next to each field and select the preferred information.
  4. Click Merge (#) items (button).

screen capture of a zotero desktop window showing steps 1-4 as described above

Example RIS file