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Citing Alternate Formats - Chicago Style

Theses & Dissertations

Titles of theses and dissertations appear in quotation marks rather than italics; otherwise, they are cited like books.

The author and  title are followed by the type of thesis ("master's thesis"or "PhD diss."), the academic institution, and the date.

If the document was consulted online, include a URL. For documents retrieved from a commercial database, replace the URL with the name of the database and, in parentheses, any identification number supplied by the database.

To cite an abstract, simply add the word "abstract" after the title.

Note:      1. Author First-name Last-name, "Title of thesis / dissertation" (type, academic institution, date), page, URL.
       1. Stuart Paul Duncan, "Metric Experiments in Benjamin Britten's Vocal Music: 1943-1945" (PhD diss., Yale, 2017), 8, Proquest (10633242).
Subsequent note:      2. Duncan, "Metric Experiments in Benjamin Britten's Vocal Music: 1943-1945," 65-66.

Author Last-name, First-name. "Title of thesis / dissertation." Type, Academic Institution, date. URL or database (identifier).


Duncan, Stuart Paul. "Metric Experiments in Benjamin Britten's Vocal Music: 1943-1945." PhD diss., Yale, 2017. ProQuest (10633242). Chapter 4.