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How to cite using AMA in the health sciences

This guide covers the basics of the American Medical Association's (AMA) citation style.

Format, example and tips - Journal article - pre-print, epub ahead of print or "early view article"

Elements to include and formatting

Author(s).  Article title.  Abbreviated Journal Name. Published online month day year.  doi:


  1. Papastergiou J, Folkins C, Li W.  Community pharmacy-based A1c screening:  a Canadian model for diabetes care.  Int J Pharm Pract.  Published online December 16, 2015. doi:10.1111/ijpp.12228


  • Many articles now appear online before they are published in the print version of the journal they were submitted to for publication.  These articles are often referred to as pre-prints, "epubs ahead of print" or  "early view articles."  They typically do not have volume, issue, or page numbers until they have been published in the print version of the journal.
  • Abbreviated journal name is in italics.
  • Journal abbreviations. AMA employs journal abbreviations as set by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) Journals referenced in the NCBI Databases.
    • Alternatively:
      • Use PubMed or OVID Medline to locate the appropriate abbreviation.