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The Essentialists Exhibition

Artwork Gallery

Embroidery image of a fish on mesh with spoons and straws in background
Embroidery image of fish on top of blue face masks
Embroidery images of four fish with straws
Embroidery image of four fish with straws and plastic spoons
Embroidery image of four fish with straws and cigarettes in mouth
Embroidery image of 4 fish with cigarettes
Embroidery image of four fish above pink and blue colour face masks
Embroidery image of four fish on multi colour face masks

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Bisma Iqbal

Title: "Where Does It Go?"

Medium: Embroidery on tulle, plastic straws, spoons, bags, cigarettes and face masks

Size/Dimension: 8" x 10"

Year: 2020


Artist Statement:

Plastic straws, utensils, cups, face masks, empty bottles of hand sanitizer, and plastic gloves litter landfills and waterways. I started envisioning where these items end up, and for my exhibit work I will bring these visions — and also very real realities of waste —to the front by embroidering sea life on tulle, then placing it on my scanner, and displaying the art surrounded by commonly used plastic waste. My goal is to create sea life that has exposed waste in its stomach or sticking out of its body to show the harm that we are doing to the environment and all of its living organisms.