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The Essentialists Exhibition: Marshal Pouya

Artwork Gallery

Painting of people withing the stone of a ring

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Marshal Pouya

Title: Crystal Clarity

Medium: Gouache on watercolour paper with applied glitter

Size/Dimension: 18 x 14 in

Year: 2020


Artist Statement:

Artists capture the world through their eyes. My eyes capture my conflict between two different worlds — my Afghan world and my Canadian world. Similar to the shiny gemstones mined in Afghanistan, I am plucked from one country and shipped to a new one. I am a sparkling, unscathed by-product of political turmoil. Despite my privileged position, growing up as an Afghan-Canadian circa 2001 confused me immensely. I heard very polarizing views on the War in Afghanistan. My parents bitterly told tales of modern-day imperialism and greed. Meanwhile, the media and my peers celebrated Canadian bravery and righteousness.