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The Essentialists Exhibition

Artwork Gallery

Black and white photograph of a collage of a variety of materials like mesh, blank CDs, guitar strings and fishing lines

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Farzaneh Moallef

Title: Irradiation

Medium: Digital photography

Size/Dimension: 98.5 in by 98.5 in

Year: 2020


Artist Statement:

Irradiation examines our relationship with aging, near-obsolete technology and its impact on our natural environment through music, food and drinking water. Materials including mesh food packaging, silica gel, fishing lines discarded on the edge of Lake Ontario, swan feathers found next to fishing lines, guitar strings, and blank CDs (that helped revolutionize music industry) make a minimalist collage on top of and within a frame of a cracked induction cooktop, hints toward obsolescence, exposure of food and food packaging, ionizing radiation, and radioactivity in drinking water. Irradiation is a metaphor for the contradictions of our planet and the epoch.