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The Essentialists Exhibition

Artwork Gallery

Colour image of snow fungus and pearls

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Yixin Zhang

Title: Decay

Medium: Snow fungus, India Ink, pearls

Year: 2020


Artist Statement:

The pandemic is a humans’ disaster but nature’s healing time. Pollution has decreased during the pandemic because of the economic stagnation, but damages that humans bring to nature are irreparable. I designed this artwork to represent that while heavily damaged nature healing during the humans’ disaster-like period, the scars will still be there. Humans’ unlimited requests from the environment will never stop even after the pandemic. After a long time of quarantine, people might realize that nature is the most beautiful thing in their lives. It is time to let nature take a breath.

I used Snow fungus as my primary material. The whiteness of Snow fungus has high contrast against the dark, decaying logs it grows upon. I used the Snow fungus as the metaphor for the hopes and positive turn of the decaying nature; the texture and black ink represent the destruction of nature and the greed of humans, which is still spreading. The pearls symbolize the efforts that humans made to protect nature; humans desire swallowing Mother Nature, but there is still hope.