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The Essentialists Exhibition

Artwork Gallery

Projected blurry image within a frame of trees
Projected blurry image within a fram of sand and water
Projected blurry image with frame of a landscape image; lake and trees
Projected blurry image of trees within a frame
Projected blurry image of trees and sky

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Hio Lam Kylie Sio

Title: If – 2120

Medium: Photo projection, frame installation

Year: 2020


Artist Statement:

It’s the year 2120, this is how our nature looks. Nature is a framed image,​ a​ projection or documentary ​film, but, no longer real.

Th​ese images are stills from a fictionalized setting of a nature-disappeared future in the year 2120 (a century from now). I have chosen to present my idea through ​image projection as this medium creates a blurry and dramatic effect. Blurred vision helps create a sense of distancing, which indicates that people in the future may have a fuzzy impression about nature as they have never seen ​or experienced its authentic beauty.