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The New Miasma: Katrina Belen Alcantara

Artwork Gallery

Digital illustration of a transparent cube in blue space, containing a bedroom art studio with a person sitting in bed

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Katrina Belen Alcantara

Title: Untitled

Medium: Digital illustration

Year: 2020

Artist Statement: 

My illustration of my room is the visual representation of my experience throughout the whole COVID breakout. I wanted to capture the effect COVID had on my mood as well as mental health. Social distancing is an important aspect of stopping the spread however the prolong isolation from the outside world proved to be very impactful of my mental health. Within months I felt like I was stuck in a cage, trapped in a little bubble that is my room. My sleep schedule rapidly changed as I slept at dawn and woke up at dusk. As a result, I was awake when most people were asleep. This led to intense feelings of loneliness and lack of motivation to do anything. My image depicts me in this moment of time, my room was my little terrarium and outside was only the night sky. I depicted myself looking around my room taking in the silence of isolation.