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The New Miasma: Mya Nunnaro

Artwork Gallery

abstract drawing of a path with graphic black lines and pink details

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Mya Nunnaro

Title: Untitled

Medium: Ink on paper

Year: 2020


Artist Statement:

For this assignment I wanted to show how humans have affected the environment and also represent the anthropocene. At the beginning of the path the plants look very whimsical and colourful. As the path goes on the plants start to look more like humans and take on some human features. This represents the effect we have on plants and how we have changed our natural environment over time. The plants slowly start to turn darker and shrivel which represents how our human domination is killing the plants and animals who thrived together for years before us. I wanted to reflect on the changes that have occurred since the Holocene epoch started and show why I believe the term anthropocene needs to be recognized. This piece also reflects my personal style because I love to draw nature, anatomy and surreal pictures that combine both.