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The New Miasma: Uzo Alexander

Artwork Gallery

digital collage of a figure passing through rows of cages with a globe before them

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Uzo Alexander

Title: The loss of mobility and space

Medium: Digital collage

Year: 2020

Artist Statement:

“Where are you?” 
“The loss of mobility and space” feels as if everyone is looking at the world, slowly being isolated from loved ones and from oneself, realising, concluding, experiencing a moment in time which belongs to everyone but affecting the individual soul of a person. Digital work is one of the ways, through this pandemic, in which I have come to express my work and the feeling of loss of mobility and space. This work demonstrates two moments in which I have been forced to step out of myself: isolation through society’s racism and isolation for health. Distinct phenomena but which have the same effect. Carrianne Leung’s “Racism: The other pandemic” inspired this digital work that made me reflect on who I am and where I was mentally and physically in this world versus how I feel when I look at the world.



Leung, Carrianne. “Racism: The Other Pandemic.” Racism: The Other Pandemic | University College U of T,