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The New Miasma: Katie Lin

Artwork Gallery

abstract watercolour and paper collage

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Katie Lin

Title: Untitled

Medium: Watercolour and various food items

Size/Dimension: 24" x 30”

Year: 2020


Artist Statement:

This work explores the concept of lost value in things people don’t pay much attention to. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve come to realize and appreciate the smaller things around me during quarantine. The unconventional method I chose to create this piece symbolizes the freedom I craved throughout global lockdowns. I first used a cold pressed watercolor paper as my surface and made marks using all sorts of different edible materials. I started with staining the paper with leftover beverages as well as various sauces, fruit and spices in order to create different layers of movement, leaving imperfect traces. The mediums become both the tool and the product. Although they were mostly abandoned or expired products, creating a piece like this gives them a chance to reflect where they belonged and prove that they did in fact exist during this dreadful time. The edges of the paper are also torn up and burned with intention as they stand out to embrace the whole concept of imperfection and how life goes on regardless.