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The New Miasma: Lauren D'Ambrosio

Artwork Gallery

highly textured painting with dried hunks of acrylic paint and recycled pallets

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Lauren D'Ambrosio

Title: Processing Artificiality

Medium: Acrylic and plastic on wood

Size/Dimension: 30" x 30"

Year: 2020

Artist Statement:

 As a painter, the artificiality of paint has always sat quietly at the back of my mind. What effects does the act of painting have on our world due to the toxicity of the manufactured materials used to produce paint? How does buying, using, washing and throwing away this medium have underlying consequences? When making this piece, I kept these questions in mind. All of the materials sourced for this work came from something previously used, including extra or dried paint from a palette, plastic bags from the store where the paint was purchased, paint from tubes that were almost finished, and the tubes themselves, that were overtime piled together on to one surface to create a completely artificial entity. This work has affected the Anthropocene before its creation, and due to its severe artificiality, it always will.