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The New Miasma: Victor Hugo Marin

Artwork Gallery

digital illustration, an anthropomorphic sun screams over snowy mountain peaks, some made of ice cream cones

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Victor Hugo Marin


Medium: Digital illustration

Year: 2020


Artist Statement:

Someone I loved once told me to forget my past therefore I screamed. This Illustration reflects on the pain that the planet earth has lived through in the past and the anxiety that we, as humans, are living through right now during this pandemic; this is a scream for help but also a scream of freedom. Bottled in our rooms we develop a sense of isolation, and for some, that can lead to sadness and depression. Personally, I suffered a lot as an international student during the lockdown in Canada. Once I had the chance to go back home, I went for comfort to nature, visited the highest mountain in my country, and at the top of the mountain I screamed and screamed like there was no tomorrow, like the freezing snow surrounding me was leaving my body. I felt free and strong like a lion roaring at the sun and at the same time I felt helpless and hopeless like an Iceberg melting in the sea. With this piece, I am just kindly asking for people to be aware of the problems that our land is facing and the next time nature tries to hug them just hug it back, don’t walk away. Love your planet and remind yourself that you’re free and not alone.