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The New Miasma: Julia Both Marchizio

Artwork Gallery

digital painting overlaying protest documentation with a forested landscape

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Julia Both Marchizio

Title: Together We Stand (Apart)

Medium: Digital painting

Year: 2020

Artist Statement:

The relationship between the Anthropocene and systemic problems became more explicit during the pandemic when people noticed that even though the environment is falling apart, the most important thing to our society seems to be keeping the economy of a made up system alive. Depression and anxiety rise more than ever due to unreasonable expectations imposed by a failing capitalist system. The Anthropocene is nothing more than the expression of neoliberalcapitalism on the environment; the pandemic is just one of its many consequences resulting from a stubborn way of living that lacks the least amount of empathy for anyone other than the individual. Even through these tough times, we must stand strong together to fight.