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The New Miasma: Erica Young

Artwork Gallery

black and white linocuts of abstracted factories on a coast

Artist Statement

Artist Name: Erica Young

Title: Two Structures, Two Landscapes

Medium: Linocut print

Size/Dimension: 11" x 18"

Year: 2020


Artist Statement:

The anthropocene is our world made alien by human desires, new landscapes and ecologies created unintentionally through the pursuit of aims that did not consider their byproducts. One considers a Greek army camping in the ruins of Nineveh 2300 years ago, baffled at the thought that there had been a civilization capable of building such monumental structures, or the European peasant of the sixth century with no concept of the purpose the Roman aqueduct looming over their town had served. The wheel of history has kept turning and we are approaching a new cycle, surrounded by structures and systems not entirely of our making that we nonetheless must collectively figure out how to navigate, dismantle, and live within.