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COVID Pedagogies: Tools, Content & Strategies

Going Viral: Gallery Strategies to Engage in/Address Community Issues during COVID-19

Going Viral: Gallery Strategies to Engage in/Address Community Issues during COVID-19 


Speakers: Phil Anderson, Director with artist & WIAprojects curator, Leena Raudvee and Chair BoD, Mikael Sandblom, Gallery 1313.

Presentation date: January 26 2021

Phil Anderson has been Executive Director, Gallery 1313, Toronto since January 1997 curating many exhibitions and events at the gallery.  He was a founding member and former Chair of the Parkdale Village Arts Collective (1994) and has been on the Board of Directors for organisations such as Artscape, Artist-Run Centres & Collectives of Ontario, the Parkdale Arts and Cultural Community Board, and the Parkdale Liberty Economic Development Corporation.  Anderson helped organize festivals such as Round-Up and Third Rail and was a founding member of the film screening collective VisionEdge.  He is co-publisher of, an online arts magazine, and continues practising as a photo-based artist. Anderson has been honoured with several awards such as the ACKER and the Queens Jubilee Award.

Phil is accompanied by visual and performance artist and WIAprojects' Window Box Gallery co-curator Leena Raudvee and Mikael Sandblom, artist, web designer and Chair of the BoD, Gallery 1313.