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COVID Pedagogies: Tools, Content & Strategies

Unpacking Pandemic Pondering: Production, Pedagogy, and Promise

Unpacking Pandemic Pondering: Production, Pedagogy, and Promise

The following digital posters were produced by ADEL students as a means of representing communities or populations close to them. Each poster identifies the hardships their communities may be facing as a result of the ongoing pandemic, while foregrounding their resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity. The digital, reproducible nature of this project represents its ethos, to share community knowledge as broadly and accessibly as possible.


Click on any of the posters below for more information about the artist and their statement, or explore the list of artists in the menu.

Unpacking Pandemic Pondering: Pedagogy, Production and Promise Posters

Photo of building on yellow background with text: TAKING ‘CREATIVE HOMES’ ONLINE: turning kitchen-conversations and dining room craft tables digital. How might we use social media to host and house creative sessions with friends? Is it open house or invite only? Can Instagram's
A poster of resources for Black Queer youth including Black Queer Youth Collective, Across Boundaries, Black Legal Action Centre, Maggie's Black Sex Worker Emergency Support Fund, Not Another Black Life, Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention, Black Queer Youth at the Sherbourne Health Centre and LGBT Youth Line
Decorative image with text: Symbols Express What Words Cannot... Imagining Pleasant thoughts help us mentally to escape from stressful life. Pandemic is a trauma, our brain chooses negative thoughts over the positive. Expressive art helps healing of post-pandemic trauma. Symbol is a token, an object broken into twain. Art expression is amazingly helpful for special needs kids in improving self-esteem and self-awareness. 1 in 66 children and teens diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder. Funding and therapy offered by the Federal is insufficient.
Black and white photograph of female-presenting person wearing a disposable mask and holding another mask in their hand which has text over it: We are Simply Managing in Muskoka
A collage of black and white photographs of diverse groups of female presenting people in bras and underwear posing in various ways, with text #weareallthesame
Decorative image reminiscent of pac-man video game graphics and two fingers pressing gameboy buttons, with the text Physical, Emotional, Mental, Online School
Photograph of the back of a persons head, their hair in a bun and a scarf over their back. There are blue circles in the sky with the text: Women and Covid: wifi dropped again. work deadlines. Grandma is sick. Hasn't seen her sister in a year. Can't help. Bills are due. Homeschooling two kids. Do you know what she's juggling?
A digital illustration of a person wearing a mask pointing to a computer dialogue box that says Can I go Outside? with the options yes and no. Text across the top of the image reads: How has COVID-19 impacted the mental health and well-being of children with disabilities?
Letters to No One: An ongoing virtual library of anonymously collected thoughts, feeling, fears, and writings amidst a global pandemic. An image of 3 rows of 3 coloured envelopes with text at the back of them: I thought I was trying hard enough. IF I could, then I would do so. I feel as though I am the only person here. I'm doing alright, so far. Can anyone hear me? Maybe it's not my fault, but. Am I the only one feeling this way? Let's just make it past today. Is there something wrong with me?