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COVID Pedagogies: Tools, Content & Strategies

Annotated Bibliography Angie Ma

COVID-19-Related Articles, Books and Resources for Art & Design Education

Compiled by Angie Ma

As an undergraduate researcher, my intention in putting together this bibliography was to collect a multitude of perspectives on teaching and learning in times of crisis. At a time in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic it’s at once terrifying because we’re all thrown into this global catastrophe but at the same time we’re provided a rare opportunity to rethink and dismantle dominant, oppressive forces in education. We’re at a time where we can re-imagine what we want the future of education to be.

This annotated bibliography is meant to provide art and design educators with strategies and perspectives to help educators and students learn and feel connected in these difficult times. These resources serve as a “toolkit” for others to be accessed as curricular material. I’ve compiled resources into two categories: new pedagogies and strategies for supporting student/teacher well-being in emergency remote learning; and resources that discuss existing social, economic and environmental inequities pushed to the forefront by Covid. These resources challenge conventional structures in place and highlight radical, critical, reflective thinking and methods of teaching.

Special thanks to the research team Pam Patterson, Daniel Payne and Joanna Black for their mentorship and support. Thank you as well to Ilene Sova and Andrea Fatona for their resources and reading lists.