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COVID Pedagogies: Tools, Content & Strategies

Kinzi Dempsey

Photo of building on yellow background with text: TAKING ‘CREATIVE HOMES’ ONLINE: turning kitchen-conversations and dining room craft tables digital. How might we use social media to host and house creative sessions with friends? Is it open house or invite only? Can Instagram's "stories", 'reels', and comments features facilitate connections previously held in our living rooms?

Title: MAKING ‘CREATIVE HOMES’ ONLINE: turning kitchen-conversations and dining room craft tables digital

Artist: Kinzi Dempsey



How can we take “home” to a digital space? I wonder if—like hunter-gatherers turned to mud and straw to make bricks for shelter in their transition to agriculture—we must look to the resources of social media to both accommodate and re-invent our connection to creative practice.

The idea of ‘home’ is at the core: galleries have housed artworks and art-events, and similarly, my friends and I previously used our homes to connect via art and creative practice. Both of these homes are unavailable to us now by nature of their physical walls during this pandemic. Whether we are excited pioneers or reluctant tech participants, we now seek transformative approaches to online platforms, in order to build hospitable spaces for connection and creativity. Can features like ‘Stories’, ‘Reels’, ‘Tags’ and ‘Comments’ become the new dining room craft tables, kitchen-conversations and arm-chair interactions?