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COVID Pedagogies: Tools, Content & Strategies

Unpacking Pandemic Pondering: Strain, Stress, and Subversion

Strain Stress Subversion Statement

Curator: Pam Patterson

Video Editor: Janine Arellano

Sound: Daniel Payne

Artists: Janine Arellano, Angie Ma, Pam Patterson, Daniel Payne, Leena Raudvee, Mikael Sandblom, Vicky Talwar.


For philosopher Gilles Deleuze, productions are collectively formed by a complex of bodies and environments; a complex that presents a series of plateaus or stratifications constantly becoming as they produce. The task of art, therefore, is not to reproduce mimetically, but to produce “signs” that will push us out of our habits of perception into the conditions of creation; a stance that tears apart the subject to create “discordant harmony.”

As exhibition, unpacking pandemic pondering: strain, stress, and subversion presents multiple still works on a looped video overlaid with a music/sound score, a matrix evocative of artist/researcher producing-produced-becoming as identities, bodies, and social expectations collide.


Details on this exhibition can be viewed at Gallery 1313.


Smith, Daniel and John Protevi. "Gilles Deleuze,” The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, edited by Edward N. Zalta,

Strain Stress Subversion Gallery

Gif of overlapping transparent videos of a lake, forest, mountain, and sparks rising from a campfire
Grid of four black and white illustrations of: a desk with office objects on it; a tree with birds; leaves with insects; and two silhouettes of people in front of long grass.
Grid of many photographs melding into each other showing paths through tress, branches and greenery
Grid of many photographs melding into each other showing paths through tress, branches and greenery
Musical notes over a blue gradient background
Black and white abstracted line drawing featuring bird forms, spirals and crosshatched grids.
Collage of overlapping images including a brick wall, a blue circle, topographic map markings and lines of warped space-time over water
Painting of flowers and branches over formal brush stroke ribbon shapes on a hazy blue background