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COVID Pedagogies: Tools, Content & Strategies

Changyi Mu

Decorative image reminiscent of pac-man video game graphics and two fingers pressing gameboy buttons, with the text Physical, Emotional, Mental, Online School

Title: Untitled 

Artist: Changyi Mu



This poster asks the viewer about their experience of online school in 2020. With schools closed and non-essential workers being asked to say home until further notice, it’s important to remember online school is an emergency measure and not to be compared to homeschooling. Online school poses challenges for the whole family and in different ways. It is more complicated than adult work from home and often requires multiple family members to help address this issue. In conjunction with this poster, I have designed an activity for online school children who can invite their family members to join, or it can be a solo endeavour, just like Pac Man. In the poster, Pac Man is hunted by Blinky, Pinky and Inky who represent the mental, emotional, and physical challenges of online school. The only way to persevere is to keep moving. It is hard to make forward motion, but we have to stay positive and find ways to cope. But from another point of view, in this game we find ourselves, we have learned it is not easy to break us.