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COVID Pedagogies: Tools, Content & Strategies

Deserae Lyons

Black and white photograph of female-presenting person wearing a disposable mask and holding another mask in their hand which has text over it: We are Simply Managing in Muskoka

Title: We are Simply Managing in Muskoka

Artist: Deserae Lyons



The rural Muskoka District Community has always had minimal access to resources for youth and young women in particular. Through my research process for an outreach program, my connection to my hometown has deepened, and I have become better equipped at articulating the obstacles and challenges young women are facing during the continued wearisome pandemic. By raising awareness and bringing women together virtually, I seek to foster a “women supporting women” mentality. Isolation from the pandemic has led to an increase in mental health crises for varying ages and gender. Even before the pandemic women were predisposed to disconnect through systemic misogyny on social media. Virtual platforms have become a mainstay for COVID-19 interactions and keeping connected. As such, women are facing more drastic biases via unrealistic societal standards on social media platforms. I want to combat this by building safer spaces on social media for young women to acknowledge and critique these biases. A focus on the empowerment of individuals and the fostering of healthy relationships to self and others will strengthen both mental and physical awareness and allow for the development of positive communal initiatives.